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Total SEO Automation

When we say 'Total SEO Automation' we mean it. You use our proxies, our servers and our in-house software to run the tools that you will find within our dashboard. This means no more need for subscriptions to proxy services, no more pesky software that you have to constantly monitor, and lastly no more virtual private servers to run all of your software. We created GainRank with one thing in mind: making Search Engine Optimization more efficient for both business owners and SEOs.

We want to make it as easy as possible to do anything your business needs. While we're in beta we will be making services and tools you need. If we don't have it, let us know and we'll work with you to add it. No cost, no strings.

Built-in proxies

Cancel your proxy subscription, we have it under control with our network of millions of residential proxies that are safely used to run our services.

Services we make for you

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We will make anything you need, just ask!

Our servers

We take the brunt of the work and put our servers to work for you when using our services.


Here's how GainRank can help you boost your website's SEO performance.

Keyword Tracking

No downloads

All of the keyword tracking is done on our servers so you have nothing to install, download or worry about.

No proxies

With some keyword trackers you need to add your own proxies, but with GainRank we handle that on our side as well.

Daily tracking

Everyday we automatically search and record the results of your keywords ranking for your domain(s).

Easy to understand

All of your keywords will be shown in an easy to understand chart. See how your keyword rank changes daily, weekly or monthly; you choose.

Choose your location

We allow you to track your keywords on Google but we also allow you to track the ranking based on your desired country.

No hassle reporting

Our rank tracking is not only available through our dashboard, you can also download the results for each domain. If you offer Search Engine Optimization services we even allow you to whitelist the reports to send directly to your client(s) so there is no trace of the GainRank brand.

Domain Tools

Expired domains

Check the availability and compare relevant statistics for thousands of expired domains for sale every day.

Backlink marketplace

We provide a managed link marketplace where domain owners with link inventory are matched with advertisers looking to purchase links.

Increase your click-through rate

We provide tools to help you increase click-through rates and organic search traffic to your site.

Wayback machine

Search for any of your domains in the past and find them preserved very much as they were at various snapshots in time.

Amazing Support

Knowledgeable agents

Our support team has undergone rigorous SEO training to ensure that when you need assistance with your campaign towards better ranking, we can help.

Developer access

When something is a bit more complex or requires a custom solution we have a team of developers who can assist you directly.

Custom services

We are constantly adding new tools and we're always willing to build new tools you need, just ask via support!

Custom features

We can modify our dashboard to fit your needs. New API endpoints, new features, more information. Let us know what you need!

No more Proxies, VPS or Software

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